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    Taking or have you taken steroids in the last two years?
    Allergic to any medicines, foods or materials?
    Pregnant, if so what date is the baby due?

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    Had rheumatic fever or chorea (St Vitus Dance)?
    Had jaundice, liver, kidney disease or hepatitis?
    Taking or have you taken steroids in the last two years?
    Have a heart problem, angina, blood pressure, heart murmur or had a heart attack?
    Been advised you need antibiotic cover for
    dental treatment?
    Had any blood tests, inoculations etc?
    Ever had your blood refused by the Blood Transfusion
    Had a bad reaction to a general or local anaesthetic?
    Had a joint replacement?
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    Have arthritis?
    Have a pacemaker or have you had any form of heart surgery?
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    Suffer from bronchitis, asthma or other chest condition?
    Have fainting attacks, giddiness, blackouts or epilepsy?
    Have diabetes or does anyone in your family?
    Bruise easily following a tooth extraction, surgery or injury? Have you or your family bled so as to cause you to be worried?
    Carry a warning card?
    Ever get cold sores?
    Are there any aspects concerning your health that you
    thinkthe dentist should know about?
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    Our experienced dentists and team strive relentlessly to ensure that every patient gets exceptional dentistry via our personalised, sensitive approach and extensive range of treatments. Learn more about our clinic by reading our cases and patient smile stories.


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