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Composite Veneers

What are they?
Composite veneers are simply a tooth colored resin material that is bonded over the front surface of your natural tooth, to repair chips or create a straighter or whiter smile. Composite veneers can be completed in 1-2 appointments.

Does it Hurt?
No Injections are needed to complete the treatment & none/minimal drilling to the natural tooth.
Some patients may feel slight sensitivity during the final polishing stages.

How long do they last?
How long they last depend on how well the patient maintains
them, as anything in dentistry. We say 5-7 years or longer if maintained
properly, Bad habits like constant nail biting or chewing pen lids
can chip them as they can your natural tooth, & staining foods & drinks
can discolor them as they can also your natural tooth. We recommend
a 6 monthly clean & polishing to maintain them.